I'm only coming to watch. What's the admission fee to enter Horseshoe Junction?

There is no admission fee at Horseshoe Junction. Only participants pay to play, so it's free to come watch your crew have a blast!

I've reserved a room for a birthday party. How does a typical party work?

Parties typically start in the party room for up to an hour. Your party host will help with the arrival of guests, pizza time, birthday cake, presents, etc. After party activities conclude in the room, your party host will distribute wristbands. This is when the play time begins throughout the rest of the park! Because we book multiple parties daily, we will need to clean the room at this time to prepare for the next party. Lockers are available, if needed, for your personal belongings.

Is the birthday kid included in the 8 party participants?

Yes, the birthday kid is included. Any additional participants will occur additonal costs. You can check out the details on the Birthday Party page. Or you can give us a call at (979) 251-8701 if you have further questions!

How do you decide who gets a double room for parties?

This is based on paid participants. Our rooms are designed to hold 16 party attendees. As space allows, we do offer room rental rates of $25/hour if you would like to accomodate parents, grand parents, etc.

My child doesn't quite meet the height requirements to drive themself on go karts/bumper boats. Do I need to buy a wristband to drive them in a double cart/boat?

No. Children under the height requirement to drive may be passengers (as long as they meet passenger height requirement) with drivers 16 and older on go karts and 18 and older on bumper boats. Drivers, in this situation, do not need an additional wristband or ticket.

My group has a limited budget and a tight schedule. Do we have to buy all day wristbands?

Groups over 15 people qualify for our group rates! Group rates let you choose the length of time your group wants to play which saves you money. View the group rates page for more information.

After purchasing all day wristbands, can we leave the park and come back later the same day?

Yes! All day wristbands are good from open to close. As long as you keep the wristbands on, feel free to come back anytime before closing time.


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